Miri Urbach, the Belgium American designer raised in a Queens Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, has blazed a trail in the modest modern luxury movement, founding Miri Couture in 1998. Interested in fashion from a very early age, and having been intrigued with self taught French Master's Jean Patou, and Jacques Fath, where she would watch her grandmother shop couture, Miri was primed for fashion. Inspired by stories of other self taught, entrepreneurial female designers like Westwood and Von Furstenberg, Miri was driven in her early twenties to launch a custom fashion shop on 7th Ave in NYC. Fast forward 30 years in business, MIRI is celebrated as one of the poster children for independent designers. With 10 stores globally, more plans to expand, and an evolving aesthetic now reaching beyond her religious roots, Miri embraces a new metamorphosis.